English-in-Action at RWG

In the first week of winter holidays, voluntary students took part in an English course at our school to improve their English. Two native speakers, Matthew and Luke from English-in-Action, Canterbury, taught these students six lessons a day, all in English.

I interviewed them about this project and our school:

Samuel: “Hello Luke and Matthew, what do you think about our school?”

Luke: “It´s a lovely modern building; there are beautiful grounds. The school seems to make a point of creative design.”

Samuel: “How would you describe your work with students from another country?”

Matthew: “The work with students is never similar. Some schools are very hard, but some do really fun things like yours. Luke and I had a lot of fun and we can learn a lot from the students about the language and culture.”

Samuel: “What did you especially enjoy?”

Luke: “One great thing was the welcome we received from Mrs. Spiegelberg. She took us to school every day and therefore we are thankful.”

Samuel: “Would you return to us?”

Matthew: “We would return any time. Ribnitz is an amazing town. I´m sad about leaving this place, but this is our job.

Samuel: “I thank you in the name of everyone for this lovely week.”

On the last day some parents came to watch the projects and shows their children made this week. They could let their imagination run free and create a presentation, a game or something else. All enjoyed listening to them and the students were visibly proud of what they did.

By Samuel Taubenheim